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Norse Fitness

FÓKUS: Nootropic Experience From Norse Fitness & TNS

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[DUE TO HYGROSCOPIC NATURE OF THIS PRODUCT, IT MAY ARRIVE CLUMPED. For more information, watch the following:]



I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that energy drinks and supplements often come with a downside.

No matter which brand or method I try, once the rush wears off the anxiety and jitters kick in. And that sucks.

Sometimes you just need a boost to win and it shouldn’t come at the expense of your mood or mental health.

Besides, we’re anxious and nervous enough these days as it is. It didn’t seem right to us that a supplement that fueled both body and mind equally at the same time didn’t exist.

So we did something about it. Norse Fitness developed Fókus to do what nothing else we’ve tried before does: offer elite focus and drive while enhancing mental clarity and well-being.

Norse Fitness is known for excellence, not bullshit. This is the mindset we’ve brought into developing Fókus: no gimmicks, no crash, no holds barred.

No matter what you’re focusing on, Fókus powers it through. You can also take it whenever and wherever you need an edge, be it at the gym, school, the office… you get the picture.

So how did we do it? Well, we started with a proprietary blend of energy and endurance-boosting supplements like caffeine, Alpha GPC, and Hordenine.

We coupled these with nootropic compounds including Synephrine HCL, Ashwagandha, and Velvet Bean to support recovery and mental state.

Taken together with the additional compounds in the blend, Fókus helps you go the distance without the drawback. It fuels a vigorous physical state while also supporting a calm and clear mental space.

Whatever stands in your way becomes your way forward.

Fókus gives you that physical and mental edge required to conquer any obstacle ahead of you and move forward toward greatness.

Fókus is engineered for those men and women who refuse to quit and for whom failure is never an option. If the obstacle truly is the way, the best way to blow past the obstacle is Fókus.

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