Who are we?

TNS: More Than A Supplement Store

~ Let’s take a moment to Imagine ~

you’ve just had an epiphany & decided that it’s the time to change your lifestyle for the better. With this divine spark of motivation, you’ve already secured a gym membership & thrown out all of the junk food in your house. You’re determined, & like most people, you begin trying to learn more and more about how to get the best results possible. Whether its’ training, nutrition, or general lifestyle tips, you want to learn it all. But the thing is, there’s almost too much information thrown at us! One google search gives us 500 different opinions, & most of its paid advertising trying to reel you in for a sale. This especially applies when it comes to supplements & nutrition.

if you’re like most people, you go into the local supplement store with an idea, & more importantly questions, about products you’re interested in. You approach an employee with questions like: "Will this help me?” “When should I be taking it” “how does this work in my body?” To which your answered with 4 other products to buy, and a rewards program subscription that you never agreed to.

~ back to real life ~

if you read the above imagination & can nod your head, you know exactly what we’re talking about. It’s unfortunate that an industry founded on improving lives has such a distasteful reputation, but we can’t say it’s not warranted. Luckily though, the example above is exactly why tns came into existence.

when we say tns is ‘more than a store’ we’re saying it literally. At the nutrition store llc, we break the supplement store stereotype from the moment you walk into the door. We strive to make everyone feel like family, not a dollar bill. & unlike every retail store on the planet, our job is not to sell anything. Rather, our mission is to provide honesty, science-backed knowledge, and 3rd party tested quality products. everyone who enters, leaves with the confidence of knowing that they got exactly what they needed, at the best quality, & nothing more. We truly believe and take pride in knowing that our customers aren’t just customers, their colleagues who trust & look to us when it comes to their nutritional strategy.

because of our unique standards, combined with the power of social media ,the nutrition store has & will continue to become much larger than a retail storefront. Our mission is to always positively impact the lives of everyone we come into contact with, educate our following on the honest value of proper supplementation in ones’ diet, and build a community of like- minded people around our mission of changing the negative stereotype of the health & fitness industry as a whole.

Honesty. Knowledge. Results.