About Us and Our Mission

We're Here to Fix Their Mistakes...

Something is fundamentally incorrect with the way that 99% of nutrition shops around the country operate.

Let’s take a moment to visualize; you’re walking into a well recognized vitamin store. You have an idea of what you want to purchase, but so many more questions about the products. You ask an employee for help, and what do they do? they refer you to an entirely different product line. Do they even know anything about these products? Do they even care about your success in achieving goals?

Done visualizing? Good. Now, does that sound like a positive experience? Nope, and I can almost guarantee that most people avoid visiting nutrition stores because of this simple fact. large-scale stores like the one you were imagining have pretty much ruined the public's perception of vitamin and supplement sales. At The Nutrition Store, we’re here to fix their mistakes.

At The Nutrition Store, we aim to provide a customer experience unmatched by all. Whether you need to grab a quick snack on the go, or have intricate questions about achieving your fitness goals, we are here to help you & will take the time to educate you on the most specific details about the products that we carry.

Every staff member at The Nutrition Store has extensive education in Exercise Science & Nutrition, to ensure that the information that you receive is factual and backed by research. Every product sold at The Nutrition Store gets put through the ‘Customer Feedback Testing Process’ or CFTP, to ensure that only the highest quality products are offered, and the ones that are garbage get thrown out the door.

Real Honesty. Real Knowledge. Real Results.