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What The Nutrition Store Stands For


The Nutrition Store prides itself on absolute honesty in all its business operations. This means offering clear, straightforward information about their products, not making unfounded claims about their effectiveness, and providing complete transparency regarding ingredients, sourcing, and production methods. Customers know they can trust the information they receive and the product they're purchasing because honesty is embedded in the store's culture.


The Nutrition Store believes that knowledge empowers individuals to make the best decisions for their health. As such, they place high importance on education, providing detailed information on every product, staying informed on the latest scientific research, and hiring trained nutritionists and health professionals to guide customers. The company invests in educating both its staff and customers, recognizing that well-informed choices lead to better health outcomes.


The Nutrition Store knows that their customers are looking for effective, reliable supplements that can help them achieve their health and fitness goals. Every product is selected based on its proven effectiveness and potential to deliver positive results. They also prioritize customer feedback and real-world outcomes when considering new products or services. This dedication to tangible, meaningful results has earned them the trust of customers worldwide, establishing them as a top-tier provider in the supplement industry.



TNS was highly recommended by my Doctor and Physical Therapist which I blindly trust and boy were they right!

Sandra Lopez

These guys know their stuff and readily share it. I buy from them online because they back their recommendations up with science and knowledge and over all are just amazing people.

Michael price

Love shopping here whether it’s in store or online. The Spartanburg store. Still haven’t been to the Greenville one yet.

Cody Mason

First time in the store today and definitely will be back. Friendly, knowledgeable staff that really are passionate about helping you reach your full potential. Highly recommend for all your vitamin and supplement needs!

Ashley Hileski

What an all-around great place. From the staff, to the great quality products, and most importantly to the personalized attention and care that Jakob and the staff put into every interaction.

Ren Nunes

TNS is the best place to not only shop for supplements, proteins, preworkout etc but these guys seriously know what they are talking about! I’ve never met a bunch of guys that would rather point you in the right direction than make a sale and their customer service is top notch.

Ragaa Mansour

We always LOVE visiting TNS when we are in town from South Florida. All of the guys are friendly and KNOWLEDGEABLE beyond belief! We often place online orders, shipping is always FAST and we always get some badass freebies.

Michele Avidon

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