TNS Athlete - Brendann Monahan (IFBB Pro)

Brendann Monahan, 32 years old. Originally from Spartanburg, SC I've been living in Charleston, SC for the past three years. I started my fitness journey at age 17 years old, training at a local gym in my hometown. I started competing at age 22 in local bodybuilding shows.

Competing gave me the motivation to keep pushing to new goals year by year and I fell in love with the process. When the Men’s Physique division was introduced that division fit me best so I trained hard with the goal of becoming a pro one day in this division. This year after 3 years off from the stage, I came back with a goal in mind and we executed that to the best of our ability. Three shows later we came out with my ultimate goal in mind: an IFBB Pro card at NPC Universe!

The goal now is to keep getting better and bring a different, improved physique to the next level of competition. Improvement and the structure around living a disciplined lifestyle is what keeps me pushing my physique to be better everyday. 

"Three shows this year (2020), all with one goal in mind. IFBB Pro. Three years ago I got a taste of what it was like to be called out in the top 3 at a national level in two different shows, life happened and didn’t compete until this year. I knew what kind of work I had to put in to beat what I had brought before and I couldn’t go backwards. 

My coach, Jim Newman, and I set a plan in place and I did what I set out to do. Overall win to qualify, 1st at jr. USA just missing the Pro Card and then second place at Universe securing my spot in the IFBB Pro League which was a goal of mine for years. 

I say that to say this, if you want something bad enough go get it. But you have to want it for yourself! Giving up is just not in my blood. Now it’s back to the drawing board to build on this physique for next year. Pro league gonna be crazy but we have goals so I use this year as motivation for myself that I can get better and better and you can to! It takes consistency and a lot of sacrifice but the results are worth all of that!" 

  • Brendann Monahan's IG Post after achieving IFBB Pro Goal