Enjoy the Ride - A Preworkout by TNS!

The Basics

1. Beta Alanine
Do you like the tingles? Yeah, if you’ve ever taken a pre-workout before you’ll know what that feeling is. It’s called paresthesia & it comes from a molecule called beta alanine, derived from the amino acid alanine itself, and is a building block to carnosine— a potent acid buffer in the body! this means that beta alanine can provide improvements in power output in the 60 to 240 second range of exercise performance.
2. Citrulline Malate 1:1
L-Citrulline is an amino acid that converts to arginine in the body, which then in-turn stimulates a high yield of nitric oxide (NO) production. high amounts of circulating NO lead to relaxed blood vessels & thus, nutrient delivery is improved as well as THA PUMP. we used citrulline malate, which is only slightly different that l-citrulline in that it includes malic acid. malic acid plays a key role in easing the digestion process of things like citrulline, as well as proving fundamental in the creation of ATP.
3. Caffeine (Anhydrous & Di-malate)
Caffeine is a potent central nervous system stimulant classified as a xanthine. It’s main mechanism of action (MOA) is to inhibit adenosine receptors, which causes an opposing effect on perception of alertness leaving individuals feeling ENERGIZED. We used two forms of caffeine in ETR, with one of them being caffeine anhydrous, a stable and extremely fast absorbing form of caffeine, as well as caffeine di-malate— an easier digesting & somewhat slower absorbing source (also including malic acid).
The Extras
1. GlycerPump Glycerol 65%
Glycerol is traditionally used a sweetening agent in food preparation, however recently becoming more popular in the supplement industry due to it’s ability to pool water into cells of the body creating a state of hyperhydration— giving the ability to perform activities longer, as well as aid in more fluid pooling in the muscles— THA PUMP.
2. Sea Salt
While sodium has been demonized for many years to the public, it does play a key role in regulating hydration status and vasodilation, AKA aiding in THA PUMP.
3. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Powder
Mushroom. Like what? Why are we including this in the formula? Well, Lion’a mane definitely needs more research to show efficacy for a lot of its claims, but as it stands we love its information on cognitive function & the ability to aid in mental clarity during a workout.
4. Methylliberine (Dynamine)
 /Theacrine (Teacrine)
THESE ARE STIMULANTS LIKE CAFFEINE, except they’re not. Dynamine & Teacrine are patented xanthines by Compound Solutions, mimicking the actions of caffeine by inhibiting adenosine receptors. Their differences however, are that they do not possess the same cardiovascular side effects, tolerance buildup, and they have a slightly longer duration of effect!
5. Eria Jarensis (N-phenethyldimethylamine)
This stimulant comes from an orchid native to Souteast Asia & has properties similar to that of PEA & the infamous DMHA, serving as a central nervous system stimulant providing prolonged focus, intensity, and energy.
6. Isopropylnorsynephrine
Similar to Synephrine & the infamous Ephedrine, isopropylnorsynephrine works through agonizing beta receptors and antagonizing alpha-adrenergic receptors, providing a stimulatory effect, as well as increased breathing ability (bronchodilator) & focus. This stuff provides that final edge for everyone to properly Enjoy The Ride.